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Marketing angles we focus on with our partner firms

SEARCH | Organic (SEO)

SEO is one of the two primary ways a law firm can show up on search engines, for search terms that are relevant to your potential clients. Due to the extremely competitive nature of legal SEO, your digital partner must cross every t and dot every i. Attorneys require a powerful and yet conservative, long term, high quality approach to SEO. In order to dominate your target search terms and locations, and maintain dominance over time, your law firm website must be a model in user experience, content quality, performance and accessibility. The values held and process followed by the digital partner you choose can have a lasting impact on your law firms standing and reputation with search engines.

SEARCH | Paid Advertising

Paid advertising also known as PPC (pay per click) is the other method a law firm can utilize to show up up in search engine results. Paid advertising creates faster results, and allows for greater specificity, then SEO can provide. Paid advertising is typically a neccessity for new law firms or existing firms with little or no organic presence on Google. PPC can provide new clients and usefull insight while a firms SEO value is being established. In the long term a combined approach utilizing SEO and PPC is often ideal. In some sectors, areas, budgets, PPC can have an excesively high cost per client acquisition and SEO can be prioritized as a more exclusive strategy. Finding a digital partner who has experience navigating these strategies and decisions is critical to, establishing or maintiaing your online presence.

Social | Paid Advertising

As an attorney Social Media is likley either an intimidating new frontier or a place that you thrive. Wherever your at on the spectrum, we can help empower your firm with paid advertising, ensuring your message connects with the correct audiences and demographics. We typically focus on strategic distributin of your message to your re-marketing audiences (website visitors, past clients, people who have engaged with your social media), as well as demographics or lookalikes relevant to your niche. We can also coach you on posting and interacting, proide quality social examples of other law firms in your niche, and provide feedback on what's working well and whats not.

Where to Start

What Approach Is Best For Your Law Firm?

Schedule a free expert consultation today, and we will be happy to discuss this information in greater detail, with your attorneys and staff, as it more specifically relates to your law firm's goals.

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