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Fishing For Law Firms

Law Firm Websites With an Advantage

Gain an Edge With Enhanced SEO, Technical Performance, and User Experience

Be Found, Look Professional, Get Clients

The Technologic Website Framework For Law Firms™ is engineered to offer unique advantages over other law firm website providers.

What is the Technologic Advantage?

SEO Advantage | Be Found

SEO is a term for how your website relates to search engines. It impacts how you show up for searches which are relevant to your potential clients. The Technologic Website Framework For Law Firms™ strongly aligns itself with key search engine values and recommendations, allowing your firm to put its best foot forward with popular search engines.

Performance Advantage | Look Professional

Many recent studies have shown the strong impact of web page performance and load time on user experience and contact rates. Google has placed an obvious emphasis on performance, via various resource websites and testing tools built into their browser. Technologic has invested significant amounts of time in ensuring our website framework is highly performant.

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You can review the performance of this website, which is built and served with The Technologic Website Framework For Law Firms™ at Google Pagespeed Insights.

User Experience | Get Clients

The Technologic Website Framework For Law Firms™ is built to ensure that prospective clients can easily contact you and begin to connect with your business. Persistent contact options are available at all times to the user on any device. Customers who have transitioned to our framework have seen significant increases in the rate of contact per user who visits the site. This metric, also known as the conversion rate, has a large impact on the profitability of your marketing investments.

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A law firm which recently converted to the Technologic Website Framework For Law Firms™, experienced an increase in website contact rate from 7.15% to 15.98% for paid search resulting in an additional 25 contacts over a four week period.

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We can get your new site set up quickly and easily, or migrate your existing site. Send us a message and share some details about your needs and current web presence. We will touch base and discuss the details.

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