Google Adwords Advertising Management

What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is an advertising platform developed by Google which allows business to advertise on specific search keywords which are relevant to their business. It was how Google initially monetized their company and is one of the primary ways in which they generate revenue. Google and its advertising platform AdWords have undergone many changes and adaptations over time. More recently we have begun to see a differentiation between local and national searches, in an effort to make search results relevant. Googles number one priority has always been to provide the best answer to the search query as fast as possible. Understanding the searcher intent is a key element how Google chooses do display search results and is also a key element in formulating strategies for online advertising.

Local search result adaptations.

National search result adaptations.

Where and When do Google AdWords Results Display?

In the same way that Google displays different information to searchers depending on searcher intent they also display different advertisements as well. There are two broad categories of Google advertisements, Search Network and Display Network.

Excellent video on search and display network comparison.

Within search and display networks there is different types of targeting such as location, search keyword, or specific local sites for display. These types of targeting can be used to reach specific consumers and people in specific stages of the buying process with different types of advertising and information. You might display your information to a searcher looking for the specific service you offer such as "SEO companies in Chattanooga Tennessee" via search network. You could also display a notification of a sale you are having to an email list of exisiting customers via display network advertising within Gmail.

How much does Google advertising Cost?

Google advertising costs vary based on chosen keywords, competition, performance and reception of your actual ad and other factors. They are priced on a pay per click model so that you are not charged unless a searcher clicks on your advertisement and visits your page. Search Based AdWords positions are determined by an auction system which take into account quality of ad and website landing page as a multiplier with your given max bid to determine which companies ad will be displayed in first position.

Why should I hire a marketing company such as Technologic to manage my Google advertising?

Advertising on Google can be extremely effective and lucrative, however it is complex. Google AdWords requires regular adjustment and improvement to remain effective. Regular improvement of keyword matching, analysis of website traffic, and adjustment of bidding structure are necessary. Having professionally managed online advertising on Google and will increase performance and reduce the overall cost of advertising, allowing for a greater return on investment.

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