Facebook Advertising Management

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is a powerful advertising platform to reach your business’s audience with definitude. With over 1.6 billion users worldwide, there’s a good chance Facebook can find an audience for your business, and find strategies to engage with your chosen audience relevantly.

Facebook Advertising Basics: The three most common Facebook Ads are:

As these are the most common Ads most businesses will use on this platform, Facebook also offers other ads to create newer user experience with your business. These types of ads include; App Installs, Event Response Ads, Offer Claim Ads, Local Awareness Ads, and just recently added, Dynamic Ads and Dynamic Ads for Travel.

How do I reach my audience on Facebook?

If you didn’t already know, Facebook knows a lot of information about a single person than most of us would like to know about our best friends. Therefore, Facebook presents the build of the audience strategically. The platform gives you the advantage to chose from a selection of targeting options.


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