Philosophy of SEO

SEO Principal 1, understand the goal of search engines and searchers. Our approach to SEO is rooted in a fundamental understanding of how search engines and searchers work together.

The central service a search engine provides to searchers is helping them discover usefull or relevant content on the internet. The goal of a searcher using a search engine service is also to find usefull or relevant content on the internet. In order for a search engine to be the best or most used search engine on the internet, they need to provide the most relevent and usefull results. A search engines goal must be to provide the result the searcher most desireable result to a searchers search query.

SEO Principal 2, help search engines and searchers acheive their goals. Our approach to SEO helps facilitate the goals of searchers and search engines.

SEO is all about presenting your website and online properties (social media, directory profiles, etc) in a way that helps the search engine and searcher acheive their sybmiotic goals.

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Practical SEO

What does SEO look like to the searcher?

SEO typically implies showing up in the non-paid search areas, there are multiple places to appear in a typical search engine results page, both paid (advertising) and organically (SEO). SEO is a long term strategy to digital acquisition, it is improved over time, builds and holds momentum, and takes time to build. Factors that can affect a timeline for SEO improvement include the age of your site and URL, the history of your site and URL, and the level of competition in your area. A unique attribute of search engine marketing is the ability to gauge user intent by the words they are typing in the Search Engine.